Zeilen ans Meer
 - Sarah Fischer - Hardcover

Bastei Lübbe
Women's fiction
272 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-7857-2642-6
Release Date: 29.03.2019

Notes to the Ocean

A romantic epistolary novel spanning two continents

While jogging on a beach near Sydney, Sam finds a bottle with a message from the past. It had been written in 1999 by Lena, who then spent a Work and Travel year in Australia, and when she left, she threw a letter into the waves as a way of saying goodbye.

Without thinking, he writes to her, not expecting her to reply. But Lena does. She had almost forgotten about her notes to the ocean that contained all her dreams and wishes. This is the beginning of a friendship that grows closer with every letter. In the era of social networks, Lena and Sam decide to stick with old-fashioned letters, postcards, and parcels, and what begins as a crazy idea, quickly turns into the anchor in their chaotic lives. Lena lives with her daughter in Munich and is a far cry from the backpacking music enthusiast she used to be.

Sam fights his own demons from the past with the result that he needs to be in his Secret Spot to still have the courage to put his surfboard into the water. Not only do these two share memories, songs, and Polaroids, but they also share painful secrets. They talk about old dreams, lost hopes, and the tender feelings that start developing between them – even though they seem impossible.

For how are you supposed to explain that you fall in love with someone you have never seen or talked to but who strikes a chord in you that has long remained silent?
However, the distance, stupid mistakes, and unspoken needs complicate their relationship. So both have to ask themselves how much they are willing to risk to take the plunge from stationery to reality – and whether or not there is actually the chance for a happy ending.

A romantic love story about tragic losses, second chances, forgotten dreams, and a new love