NSA - Nationales Sicherheits-Amt
 - Andreas Eschbach - Hardcover

Bastei Lübbe
Other fiction
796 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-7857-2625-9
Release Date: 28.09.2018


The frightening scenario of big data surveillance in a totalitarian system

What if there had been computers during the Third Reich, the Internet, emails, cell phones, and social media – as well as their complete surveillance? Andreas Eschbach’s thriller, NSA, tells the story of people, who live in a world, which turns each and every one of them into a transparent citizen that can be manipulated. And it gives us a completely new perspective of burning issues like data mining and analysis, propaganda, fake news, manipulation, and xenophobia.

Weimar, 1942: Software engineer Helene works for the NSA, the National Security Administration, and develops programs that help putting all citizens of Nazi Germany under full surveillance. It is only when the love of her life deserts and has to go into hiding that she begins to oppose the system. In doing so, she is forced to fight the regime and her superior, Lettke, who uses the government’s perfect surveillance technology for his own agenda. He wants to take revenge for the humiliation he suffered in his youth and it becomes increasingly evident that he will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

For all readers of novels like THE CIRCLE by Dave Eggers or FATHERLAND by Robert Harris

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