Palais Heiligendamm - Ein neuer Anfang
 - Michaela Grünig - PB

Bastei Lübbe
574 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-7857-2707-2
Release Date: 30.10.2020

Palais Heiligendamm – A New Beginning

Band 1

A sweeping family saga spanning half a century

A NEW BEGINNING is the first book in a wonderful series about a family of hoteliers, set in Heiligendamm, the oldest seaside spa town in Germany. By the mid-19th century, Heiligendamm had become Europe’s most fashionable seaside resort. All the European nobility – including the Russian imperial family – gathered there in the town’s dining rooms and spas, on the beach and on the promenade.

Heiligendamm, 1912: the Kuhlmanns, a family of Berlin hoteliers, have big plans. They want to set up a new establishment to rival the famous Grand Hotel. But an unexpectedly rocky start puts the whole family to the test. When the hotel gets into financial difficulties, Kuhlmann’s young daughter Elisabeth turns out to be a clever and judicious asset to the business. She wants to follow in her father’s footsteps by getting into the hotel trade herself, but her parents won’t hear of it. For a young lady from a good family, it is simply not the done thing. Elisabeth’s father feels he has no choice but to ask the upstart Julius Falkenhayn for help. But Falkenhayn holds extremely unconventional economic and political views – and it is not at all clear where he gets his money from. To make matters worse, there is constant friction between him and Elisabeth.

Colourful characters and a subtly observed setting with wonderful attention to detail

An atmospheric read you can lose yourself in