Petronella Apfelmus
 - PB

Juvenile gift book
96 pages
Ages 6+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82605-3
Release Date: 28.05.2021

Petronella Applesauce - The Big Book of Holiday Activities

Holiday time is a time for puzzles, games and crafts! Whether you’re going away somewhere or staying at home, the summer holidays will be anything but boring with this big holiday activity book featuring Petronella Applesauce. As well as lots of colourful pictures from the animated series, the book contains recipes for all sorts of tasty summertime treats, and plenty of puzzles, quizzes, crafting ideas and suggestions for games to play – the perfect way to while away the holidays!

With lots of different ideas for puzzles, games, cooking and crafts

In large softcover format