- Andreas Eschbach - Taschenbuch

Bastei Lübbe
science fiction
Pocket Book
558 pages
ISBN: 978-3-404-24381-5
Release Date: 10.02.2009


Science Fiction

Quest is a thrilling and intelligent SF-novel, in which bestselling author Andreas Eschbach creates a complex and believable world full of astonishing and bizarre characters, which not only charms fans of the genre. In this novel Eschbach proves his special strength: It’s an SF-story but with depth based on meticulously researched scientific details, which will also fill the scientifically interested reader with enthusiasm.
In the far future humans have settled on thousands of worlds and discovered vast numbers of alien life forms. The spaceship commander Eftalan Quest goes on a hopeless expedition. He wants to discover the legendary planet of origin – the world, where allegedly all life in the universe began. Some legends claim, that there you can find immortality. And in one legend – the oldest of all – it is said, that there you can meet God. 
“German SF has recently produced at least one new writer on the world stage, Andreas Eschbach.”  David Hartwell, The New York Review of Science Fiction