- Suzann Kirschner-Brouns - PB

Lübbe Life
256 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-431-07027-9
Release Date: 26.03.2021


Staying Healthy, Slim and Happy With the Help of Our Most Important Organs

For health, anti-ageing, beauty – and plenty of power

The gut, the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands and our hormones have a big impact on our health. But stress, a poor diet or a lack of self-care can weaken organs and hormone systems, with serious knock-on effects in terms of both physical and mental health. Low energy levels, for example, or a weakened immune system, can be caused by hypothyroidism or a hormone imbalance. The strategies in Re-Power will help you rebalance these systems, strengthening your whole body and stabilising your mental health. External circumstances (diet, stress, a lack of self-care) can put great strain on these organs, with serious consequences for physical and mental health.

This book features tailored care plans for every organ, put together by the two co-authors (both doctors) based on the latest medical research. In the theoretical section you will find all the fascinating background information you need about each organ, and a medical lifestyle questionnaire to help every woman assess the state of her own health. There are also 5 to 10 tips about how best to look after each organ (e.g. thyroid gland: avoid gluten, eat a diet rich in iron and selenium, etc.) The practical section features recipes, yoga exercises and other physical exercises, as well as information about useful food supplements, sustainability and the environment.

Re-Power can help every woman make changes to her life and feel healthier, younger, lighter and more energetic.

Rebalance your body with care plans for every organ

Featuring a 28-day Programme

Two-colour printing, with lots of illustrations

English sample translation available