- Johanna Romberg - Hardcover

Bastei Lübbe
304 pages
ISBN: 978-3-431-04088-3
Release Date: 23.02.2018


About the happiness that comes from watching birds
Illustrated By Florian Frick

A book about the love for birds, the fascination with watching them, and nature's effect on our personal well-being

„Reading Feathers“ is a gift to every reader. Not just because it teaches us something about birds. But also because the book changes us. Those who read Johanna Romberg's stories will see the world with different eyes. They will experience this magical moment of joy that comes with being able to identify a new bird. They will notice that with every new observation, their senses get sharper. And they will feel how immersing themselves in nature will help them relax and return to their true selves.

Johanna Romberg takes the reader on a one-year journey to watch and explore birds. In the process, the reader will learn by examples how to distinguish birds by identifying certain characteristics and how much joy it brings to discover unusual birds or give them personal names.

But the book is also about nature in general. For birds show the changes in nature in a more obvious and far more drastic way than other living creatures. Why, for instance, is it that lapwings, larks, and goldfinches that used to be in everybody's garden, have become so rare? And how is this connected to the disappearance of certain plant and insect species? And what can we as individuals do to stop the destruction of our nature? The book is also about these issues.

Johanna Romberg is an award-winning science journalist with a writing style that is personal, poetic, and inspiring

The ultimate book for all nature lovers: Gorgeous design, four-color illustrations

The reader will find out what they can do as individuals to stop the destruction of biodiversity.

English sample translation available