Reset your Body
 - Kathy Rabus - PB

Lübbe Life
320 pages
ISBN: 978-3-431-07014-9
Release Date: 28.08.2020

Reset Your Body

Feel Physically Revitalized With Personalised Nutrition

Perfectly tailored nutrition for maximum vitality and energy

People who are plagued by constant fatigue, headaches, stomach problems and even moodiness are often eating the wrong sorts of foods. With the help of this book by Kathy Rabus, anyone can learn how to correctly interpret their own body’s signals, which indicate what the body really needs in order to stay fit and healthy.

Kathy Rabus, an experienced food coach and passionate cook, has first-hand experience of the way we can change our lives, vitality levels and day-to-day wellbeing simply by changing the way we eat. She was once a bar owner in Munich, living life in the fast lane – until one day her body rebelled, leaving her in so much pain she couldn’t go on any longer. This led her to completely change her diet and identify precisely which foods would make her feel healthier, more energetic and able to enjoy life again.

In her book she explains that there is a personalised nutrition concept for every individual, and that it can strengthen not only the body but also the mind. She shows how we can identify our own metabolic type, and how this can help us to feel our best. By becoming more aware of the signals our own body is sending us, we can all enjoy more energy, vitality and zest for life.

Feel alert, instead of tired! Creative, instead of lethargic! Confident, instead of passive!
Kathy Rabus shows how you can achieve all of this through tailored nutrition

The author sets out easy-to-implement strategies to help you identify your own nutrition type

With checklists and lots of helpful tips