- Martina Schneider - Taschenbuch

Lübbe Life
Pocket Book
94 pages
Ages 6+
ISBN: 978-3-404-06000-9
Release Date: 28.08.2020


5 Minutes for a Good Night’s Sleep

A compact sleep coaching book

Millions of people can’t fall asleep in the evening or wake up in the middle of the night, only to have their alarm clock rouse them from a deep sleep the next morning.
Stress, digitalization, inactivity, and poor nutrition: there are a number of reasons for bad sleep. Sleep coach Martina Schneider knows why we don’t sleep well, and she knows what we can do about it. How do I stop my thoughts from running in circles? What really helps us fall asleep? And how do I train my inner clock? Everything you can do to be wide awake during the day.

For readers looking for a simple introduction they can implement into their everyday lives

Small format, four-color illustrations throughout, the perfect companion for the handbag