Right Here (Stay With Me)
 - Anne Pätzold - PB

New Adult
494 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-7363-1585-3
Release Date: 30.09.2021

Right Here (Stay With Me)

The new series from LYX superstar Anne Pätzold!

Since childhood, figure skating has been Lucy’s great passion. Only on the ice does she feel free, only there can she forget about all the things that are going badly in her life – particularly her relationship with her parents. They’ve given her an ultimatum: either Lucy earns a spot on the podium at her next competition, or she’ll have to go back to studying for the degree she hates and then go into the family business. 

She’s got two months left: she can’t allow herself to be distracted. So it’s just her luck that this is when she happens to meet Jules. Jules, who’s funny and good-looking and makes her heart beat faster than it ever has before. But Jules has his own demons to contend with…

Sensitive, romantic and dreamy: Anne Pätzold captures the hearts of LYX readers

“Anne Pätzold has written an enchanting love story whose pages feel like home.” MONA KASTEN on WHEN WE DREAM

Book 2 of the series, RIGHT NOW (KEEP ME WARM), is out on 25 March 2022.