Rocco und Jule - Wilde Zauber und fiese Flüche
 - Jonas Hoppe - Hardcover

Children's fiction
176 pages
Ages 8+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0717-3
Release Date: 27.05.2022

Rocco and Jule – Wild Magic and Mean Curses

Illustrated By Dominik Rupp

Two magical families – sparks will fly!
Rocco and Jule are best friends. Which is surprising given that their families, the Firlefantzes and the Von Meuchels, have been bitter enemies for centuries. They just so happen to be next-door neighbours too! They’re always sending mean curses over the garden fence to each other. Sometimes you might even see a cow flying through the air, or jelly coming out of the tap. As the feud escalates, the mayor gives them an ultimatum: either they put their quarrels aside or they’ll be banished from the city, and forbidden from doing magic. Rocco and Jule are determined not to let this happen. They have to find out what the families fell out about all those years ago!
A funny story about family, friendship and the magic of an apology
With magical illustrations by Dominik Rupp
Featuring a set of talking teeth, flying vacuum cleaners and an invisible treehouse