Wir sehen uns beim Happy End
 - Charlotte Lucas - Hardcover

Bastei Lübbe
Women's fiction
557 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7857-2599-3
Release Date: 24.11.2017


An enchanting novel about destiny, unexpected encounters, and the question of whether every story needs a happy end

YOUR PERFECT YEAR put Charlotte Lucas on the bestseller list for more than 20 weeks. Translation rights have been granted for 15 languages. The author’s titles and themes focus squarely on the topics that matter to people: the search for happiness, the hope of getting a second chance, and how to make every day really special.

At some point, haven’t we all wished that a story would come to a happy end and not a bad one? That the little mermaid will be able to stay with her prince; that Julia will wake up in time to save Romeo; and that Jack won’t go down with the Titanic but live a long happy life with Rose?

This is exactly the way Ella feels about it. She is thoroughly convinced that a good story always needs a happy ending. After all, there are already enough bad things in life. Why should we put up with them in the world of fiction as well? And for that reason, she simply rewrites books and fairytales, giving them not just happier, better endings, but the right ones.

Even when her fiancé leaves her, Ella stays true to her mission of finding a good end. She actually makes a bet with fate about it: if she can provide a happy outcome for Oscar, an unfortunate man she encounters by accident, then her fiancé will come back to her. Meanwhile, Oscar proves to be a fairly unruly candidate, and as a result fate takes a turn that is entirely different than Ella would ever have expected . . .