Shadow Tales - Die dunkle Seite der Sonne
 - Isabell May - Hardcover

Young adult fiction
448 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-8466-0109-9
Release Date: 27.11.2020

Shadow Tales

The Dark Side of the Sun (Vol.2) 
Illustrated By Guter Punkt GmbH Co. KG

THE DARK SIDE OF THE SUN is the engrossing finale to the epic SHADOW TALES fantasy duology

SHADOW TALES is a gripping story full of tension, intrigue and emotional turmoil, set in a world ruled by the magic of the moon and the elements. It centres on the destiny of daydreamer Lelani who, on her eighteenth birthday, discovers to her amazement that she too has magical powers. Worse still, she seems to possess not only the power of the moon but also the forbidden power of the sun…

LELANI HAS DONE IT. She has managed to free her mother from prison and escape into the depths of the Iron Forest. Nothing is the way it was before. Why is the empress of Vael out to get Lelani and her mother? And who does Lelani’s heart truly beat for now? She hopes to find answers among the shadowshifters of Kuraigan. As if that were not enough, her moon and sun magic seem to be growing ever stronger, threatening to destroy her from the inside...

Visually stunning, atmospheric and incredibly romantic

With special features and a map inside – a real gem!