Lautlose Schreie
 - Leo Born - Taschenbuch

Bastei Lübbe
Pocket Book
461 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-17868-1
Release Date: 29.03.2019

Silent Screams 

A Mara Billinsky Thriller

Gripping crime series against a dark backdrop 

One frosty morning, the police make a gruesome discovery in a field near Frankfurt: seven children have been murdered. And it looks as if the victims had to suffer an dreadful martyrdom before their death. There are fresh incisions on their bodies.

Mara Billinsky is sick to the heart – and at the same time utterly determined. She wants to catch the perpetrator at any cost. In the process, her idiosyncratic investigation methods disgruntle not only her boss, but also the new attorney. But the “Crow“, as Mara is called by her colleagues, remains persistent and thus gets on to a crime of such magnitude that it leaves her speechless.

An unorthodox strong female investigator

For fans of Stieg Larsson & Andreas Franz

Sample translation available