Sinclair Academy - 01
 - Carson Hammer - eBook

Bastei Lübbe
eBook (epub)
110 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-7325-1873-9
Release Date: 10.06.2016

Sinclair Academy - 01

Belphegor - The Demon's Curse
Band 1

Ex-military soldier Jack Archer leads a secluded life in a monastery near London. But not even behind the thick cloister walls will his horrendous war experiences and the demons of his past release their hold on him. One day he is visited by a superintendent from Scotland Yard. The policeman is convinced that Jack has not only fought human enemies in Afghanistan. Jack doesn’t understand and wants to know just who he is dealing with. “My name is John Sinclair. And I have a job for you. There’s a war raging out there and we need men like you to win it.”

Sinclair Academy – The New Ghost Fighters takes the adventures of 'Ghost Hunter John Sinclair' to the next generation. Those accepted at the Sinclair Academy have already had painful experiences with the supernatural. Jack and his comrades-in-arms Staysy, Hassan and Sachiko prove themselves in the fight against ghosts and demons as a team and have to protect
mankind from the horrors that lurk in the dark.
13 episodes available.
For fans of Supernatural, Grimm, Penny Dreadful or Warehouse 13