Sechs Jahre in Haus F
 - Günter Wulf - Taschenbuch

Lübbe Sachbuch
Memoir/ True Story
Pocket Book
253 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-61699-2
Release Date: 30.04.2020

Six Years in  Building F

Coauthor: Regina Carstensen

Locked up, beaten, and immobilized. A childhood in a psychiatric ward

Shortly after he was born, Günter Wulf was placed in an orphanage because his mother was unable to care of him. He spent his first years living there in an often brutal, but "normal" orphanage environment. Due to a lack of space, however, at the age of nine the lively boy was put into a psychiatric ward together with emotionally and physically handicapped people, mentally ill adults, and other excess children.

He was assigned to Building F, one of the infamous units. Here, experiments with medications were conducted on the children. They were put into straitjackets and subjected to violent abuse. Günter Wulf witnessed the death of two children. At night, he was abused by the nurses; during the day by older patients. He was not allowed to go to school. It was only when he reached young adulthood that his school readiness was recognized, and he was permitted to enter an apprenticeship and start a life of his own.

Thanks to an investigation by a television station and scientific research, the plight of these victims has now been acknowledged. In 2018, Günter Wulf had the opportunity to present his story before the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament in Kiel. Although his ordeal can no longer be undone, his goal is to help other victims gain recognition and ensure that no one is ever subjected to such injustice again.

The scandal about children wrongly admitted to psychiatric institutions is still being dealt with