Der große Zahnputztag im Zoo
 - Sophie Schoenwald - Hardcover

picture book
32 pages
Ages 4+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82500-1
Release Date: 23.02.2018

The Big Teeth Brushing Day at the Zoo

Band 1 Illustrated By Günther Jakobs

A breath of fresh air with Ignaz, the teeth-brushing hedgehog

It stinks in the zoo. For no one is brushing their teeth anymore! This is when zoo director Boisterous comes up with a plan – and sends Ignaz Peppermint, the hedgehog, on a daredevil mission: He gets a dab of toothpaste on his back and off he goes. Ignaz starts scrubbing, polishing, and cleaning – big and small and sharp teeth. He has the guts to climb up high to Mrs. Giraffe; he dares to enter the lion’s enclosure and even the mouth of William, the great white shark!

The issue of teeth brushing wrapped in a colorful zoo story

Heartwarming: A little hedgehog excels himself