Der größte Crash aller Zeiten
 - Matthias Weik - Hardcover

400 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8479-0669-8
Release Date: 31.10.2019


The Economy, Politics, and Society. How You Can Still Protect Your Money Now

From exorbitant rents and the crisis of the European Union to the failure of the elites – Friedrich and Weik address troublesome issues

While the politicians are keeping a lookout, we citizens are being ripped-off by the economy and the world of finance. Those who create the crises have become the ones who profiteer from them. The rich are becoming ever richer and richer - the super-rich even absurdly so - while the middle class continues to shrink and the underclass expands. There is a small elite sitting behind the wheel, and it is driving our planet into a wall.

Friedrich and Weik deliver what their sworn fan community expects: up-to-the-minute and razor-sharp analyses, well-founded criticism of stubborn elites in business and politics, and radical proposals for solutions. Friedrich and Weik shine a light on the pressures that await citizens, taxpayers, depositors, investors, and asset owners in the near future if incompetent executives and political losers stick to their failed recipes.

The authors deliver an in-depth analysis of the future role of the European Union during growing tensions between the USA and China. They also take a look at a future where banks will no longer service our needs and economical and political decision-making will be strongly influenced by Artificial Intelligence.

Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik are financial experts who think outside the box. In their latest and most important book to date, the best-selling authors reveal what we can all expect and how readers can hedge their money and create security for themselves.