Die Tänzerin vom Moulin Rouge
 - Tanja Steinlechner - PB

Lübbe Belletristik
431 pages
ISBN: 978-3-404-18411-8
Release Date: 28.05.2021


A young woman fights her way out of poverty and becomes a star

Paris around 1900. The city is in upheaval. Great changes are underway in art, politics, and society, especially when it comes to the role of women. In DIE TÄNZERIN VOM MOULIN ROUGE (The Dancer from the Moulin Rouge), Tanja Steinlechner recounts the stirring tale of a young woman who fights her way out of poverty and achieves stardom at the Moulin Rouge. The novel is based on the life of Louise Weber, aka La Goulue, the world famous queen of the cancan and chahut.

Paris in 1880. Louise Weber, the daughter of a laundress, is driven by an overpowering desire to pursue her dancing talent and leave her background behind. Again and again, she sneaks away to the bars and cafés of Montmartre. Supported by artists such as August Renoir and Toulouse Lautrec, she rises to stardom at the Moulin Rouge and is the internationally celebrated queen of the cancan. She quickly advances to become the establishment’s highest-paid performer.

Yet in her boundless fear of slipping back into poverty, she torpedoes her romantic love for her friend Mimi and jeopardizes her friendship with her dance partner, Valentin. Both relationships break up.

Years later, the one-time star dancer finds herself selling cigarettes and matches – not far from the Moulin Rouge and yet unrecognized by her former audience. And it is there that she opens Mimi's farewell letter, which she has always carried with her but never read. It is free of all reproach and full of tender, longing words for her. Louise realizes she was truly loved. She understands her memories in a new way and envisions herself in the glare of the lights, dancing with Mimi once again.

The Moulin Rouge: a place with iconic significance

For readers of Caroline Bernard, Michelle Marly, and Annabel Abbs