Die Töchter von Tarlington Manor
 - Tanja Bern - eBook

Other fiction
eBook (epub)
381 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-7325-4099-0
Release Date: 10.04.2018

The Daughters of Tarlington Manor

A lost diary, a trip to Ireland and the secret of true love
Pennsylvania, 2016: Casey Walsh lives in a smalltown. WithIrishancestorsandshehasbeendreamingaboutIrelandfrom her youth. Oneday, her grandfathertells her aboutthediaryoftheemigrantAeryn. Casey isfascinatedbythenotesand her desiretovisittheEmerald Isle growseverstronger. WhenshemeetsthecharmingIrishmanBrayden at thecaféwheresheworks, he offerstobe her touristguide. Casey decidestogettothebottomofthediarywriter‘sstoryandsets off forKillarney. But shefinds so muchmore in beautifulIrelandandthejourneytothelandof her ancestorsturnsinto a journeyto find herself …

Killarney, Ireland, 1846: Young AerynO‘Marameetstheattractive Padraig during a Spring festivaland falls in lovewithhim. Shedoesn‘tknowthat he istheheirofTarlingtonManor. Padraig insiststhattheykeeptheirlovesecret, eventhough he takes care thatsheand her familyreceivefoodduringthegreatfamine. Aerynwantsnothingmorethantobeabletotrusthim. But Padraig faces a difficultdecision: Will he puthislovebeforehisheritage?