Die Gottesmaschine
 - Reinhard Kleindl - Taschenbuch

Lübbe Belletristik
Pocket Book
415 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-18417-0
Release Date: 30.07.2021


A riveting church thriller for fans of Dan Brown and Matilde Asensi

A remote Benedictine monastery in the Mont Blanc region houses a little-known research facility with a powerful supercomputer. Scientists from across the globe are invited to come and conduct research, thereby proving that religion and science do not necessarily contradict each other.

The idyll is abruptly shattered when young Father Sébastien, a monk and remarkable scientist, is found crucified in the computer room. Shortly thereafter, the power fails. A storm has apparently damaged the cable car, and the monastery is cut off from the outside world. Suffragan Bishop Lombardi, who is visiting from the Vatican to find diversion from his problems, and physicist Samira Amirpour begin to investigate but are baffled.

Lombardi discovers that Father Sébastien was on the trail of a discovery that could change the world forever. It’s not long before Lombardi and Amirpour narrowly escape an attempt to murder them. Risking their lives, they continue to investigate and discover that Sébastien, with the help of the supercomputer – actually a revolutionary quantum computer – was working on a proof of God based on research by the eminent mathematician Kurt Gödel. In the process, Sébastien discovered evidence that seems to refute the existence of God.

A doubting bishop and a  brilliant physicist on the track of a ruthless fanatic

Reinhard Kleindl is a physicist and one of Austria’s most renowned science journalists

English sample translation available