Der Happaflapp reist in den Müthenwald
 - Michael Engler - Hardcover

Children's fiction
128 pages
Ages 4+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0639-8
Release Date: 29.01.2021

The Happaflapp Goes to the Mithicle Forest

Illustrated By Barbara Scholz

You’re less lonely when you’ve got a friend!

Happaflapps have been living undiscovered on a very, very high mountain for around four million years, three months and seventeen days. They can breathe fire like dragons, and they fly south in the autumn. Those who can fly, that is. Life is tough for one flightless little Flapp who suddenly finds himself all alone. But he knows one thing: you feel less lonely when you’ve got a friend. So off he goes to the Mithicle Forest! There, where Professears live and little Swaddlecaps sail across lemonade lakes, he feels sure he will find a friend.

A wonderfully absurd story about friendship

By bestselling author Michael Engler (THE TWO OF US ARE THERE FOR EACH OTHER), with illustrations by Barbara Scholz

Funny, fantastical, with four-colour illustrations – perfect for reading aloud!