Die Hungrigen und die Satten
 - Timur Vermes - Hardcover

Other fiction
509 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8479-0660-5
Release Date: 27.08.2018

The Hungry and The Sated

From the author of LOOK WHO’S BACK!

Timur Vermes’ new novel is a social satire: current, radical, oppressive and funny, all at the same time. THE HUNGRY AND THE SATED begins where the fun ends.

Germany has set an upper limit on asylum seekers and the entire continent of Europe has been blocked off including large parts of Northern Africa. In the area south of the Sahara, huge camps are growing, where millions of refugees are waiting and waiting and waiting. For so long that it would allow them to cross the desert on foot were it not for the fact that it would mean their certain death. When Germany’s star presenter, Nadeche Hackenbusch, visits the biggest of those camps, young Lionel recognizes a unique opportunity:He takes advantage of the television audience’s attention and he and 150,000 refugees set out on their march towards Europe. The beauty and the refugees turn into a big hit in the ratings. And while the TV station is happy about the fact that their live coverage attracts a record number of viewers and makes them millions in advertising, Germany’s politicians react helplessly by turning a blind eye on the approaching crisis, trivializing it, and sitting it out. But the closer the refugees come, the more difficult becomes the challenge for Joseph Leubl, the Secretary of the Interior. And the more urgent become the two questions he and the Germans are asking themselves: What can be done? And, really, in what kind of country do we want to live?

»A sublime novel: hilarious, angry, sad!« STERN