Die Schule der kleinen Ponys - Ein Heuhaufen voller Geheimnisse
 - Anne Wolff - Hardcover

Children's fiction
144 pages
Ages 6+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82566-7
Release Date: 27.03.2020

The Little Pony School

A Haystack Full of Secrets (Vol.1)
Illustrated By Nadine Reitz

Little hooves, big adventures!

The summer holidays are here at last! And for ten-year-old Monka Winter and her favourite pony Dr Paul, these holidays are shaping up to be really special: the two of them are to be in charge of the Little Pony School, and take responsibility for training the young ponies at the Winters’ ranch. Pretty exciting, thinks Mo. But then a stranger arrives – a little girl with a big secret, who desperately needs their help. It’s a good thing Mo and Dr Paul are on the case!

Lots of pony-themed fun with a likeable heroine and an idyllic setting