Die Magie des Spiels
 - Mesut Özil - Hardcover

Bastei Lübbe
350 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-7857-2592-4
Release Date: 16.03.2017


Coauthor: Kai Psotta

A role model for millions
Mesut Özil is a world champion, a national champion, and a cup winner, and for a long time he was the most expensive German soccer player ever transferred. Since September 2013, he has been playing for Arsenal FC and in 2014, he won the world championship with the German national team in Brazil. Like virtually no other player, he has a gift for taking over and deciding a match with one ingenious pass. No one could ever have predicted that the lank boy, whose family comes from Turkey, would become a key player and a popular figure, actually, a global super star with an incredibly huge fan base. Furthermore, Mesut Özil is an ambassador for an open and modern Islam, which makes him a role model for many adolescents in the Muslim world who he mainly reaches through social networks. Fans as well as supporters of the national team soccer player were so delighted by a photo that was posted on Facebook showing Özil in a white robe in front of the Kaaba - the central shrine of Islam in Mecca - that the picture received millions of likes and comments within a few hours.
In THE MAGIC OF THE GAME, Mesut Özil writes with unusual candor about how he became who he is and which character traits are needed to make it all the way to the top – and how important it is to turn dreams into goals and work passionately towards reaching them.