Projekt: Phoenix - Geliebter Bodyguard
 - Cara Carter - eBook

Romantic Suspense
eBook (epub)
339 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-7363-0922-7
Release Date: 04.10.2018

The Phoenix Project - Beloved Bodyguard

Lena von Lew enjoys the privileges she has as a rich diplomat’s daughter to the fullest. She is 22 years old and for many years, she has been living with her parents in Washington D.C., where her father holds a high-ranking position in the German Embassy.

When Lena barely escapes a kidnapping attempt after a party, the Secret Service assigns one of their agents as her protective detail. Connor James is far from pleased about the thankless task of acting as a babysitter and Lena adds to it by making his life miserable with her behavior and her seemingly endless shopping sprees.  But when the Russian mafia begins to show interest for Lena, Connor is the only one, who can protect her. And the closer they come together, the hotter the fire becomes that is burning between them.

A beautiful „enemies-to-lovers“ story

Dramatic, suspenseful, and pretty steamy