Die Macht unserer Gene
 - Daniel Wallerstorfer - Hardcover

Lübbe Life
271 pages
ISBN: 978-3-431-07022-4
Release Date: 26.03.2021


How to Stay Healthy by Knowing Your Genetic Heritage

Knowing your genes will put you in control of your destiny

According to scientific estimates, every human being suffers from at least 2,000 genetic defects. They cause our immune system to function less effectively, lead to osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, impair our vision, can cause diabetes, and make us fat.

However, genetic predispositions do not have to represent an inescapable fate. Many genetic risk factors can be rendered ineffective, often completely so, through proper preventative care, diet, and appropriate lifestyle. In this book, readers learn how to take control of their health and manage their well-being. Daniel Wallerstorfer explains how and why genetic errors that occurred long ago remain prevalent to this day, and the health risks they still pose in our new environment. He explores the reasons why a drug that is life-saving in one case can produce lethal side effects in a person with different genes. And he describes why genetic disposition affects our weight: how it is that one person loses weight by eating less fat, and another by avoiding sugar and carbohydrates.

All of the information in this book is drawn from recognized, published studies and reflects the current status of scientific research.

Knowledge about our genetic heritage prevents diseases, helps us choose proper nutrition, and improves our quality of life in old age