Das Geheimnis des Winterhauses
 - Sarah Lark - Hardcover

Bastei Lübbe
Women's fiction
527 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-431-04079-1
Release Date: 24.11.2017

The Secret of the Winter House

A dark family secret, an incredibly powerful story, the ultimate book for women

An absolutely gripping page-turner set in present-day Vienna and New Zealand as well as in Dalmatia and New Zealand in the beginning of the 20th century. At the center of the novel is a young woman in search of her roots, who has to find out that her life is entangled with secrets of the past. THE SECRET OF THE WINTER HOUSE is a skillfully crafted novel that tells the life stories of three people in an original manner.

Vienna, present time: Following an infection, Ellinor’s cousin is diagnosed with acute renal failure and Ellinor is immediately willing to get tested as a potential donor. However, the test results reveal a long and well-kept secret: Ellinor and her mother are biologically not related to the rest of the family. Ellinor’s grandmother was an adopted child and nobody knew who her parents were. In search of her roots, Ellinor travels to Dalmatia where she uncovers a tragic love story. She finds information about her grandmother and her grandmother’s mother, Liliana. Her grandmother’s father, Franco Zima, disappeared in the middle of the night in the year the child was born, in 1905.

Ellinor decides to travel to New Zealand to find out more about her great grandfather. After her arrival in New Zealand, she manages to track down the descendants of Franco Zima but the story of their family ends the exact same way: great grandfather Frank disappeared, suddenly and without a trace. And then something completely unexpected happens. Ellinor watches a talk show featuring an interview with an author who wrote a bestseller about his family – a family drama that began when his great grandmother, Allison, shot her fiancé Frank to death because he wanted to walk out on her even though she was pregnant. In New Zealand, Ellinor uncovers three fateful love stories, which, pieced together, make up the story of one family and she, too, will find happiness in New Zealand.

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