Das Einfach Liebe Prinzip
 - Sabine Eichhorst - Hardcover

Lübbe Life
Self-help/ Guide book
272 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-431-07007-1
Release Date: 31.01.2020

The ‘Simply Love’ Principle

The sex guide for relaxed couples and those who want to become more relaxed

For more love in sex and more sex in love

There’s an expectation that good sex has to be intense and exciting. But no relationship can offer that kind of sex forever. This leads to frustration and causes couples to grow apart, leaving them at risk of splitting up even if lots of other things in their relationship are going well.

But there is another way of making love. With relaxed sex, couples regain love. It is simple and intimate, and it does away with the weight of expectation and the pressure to perform, helping couples reconnect with each other and forge a completely new kind of intimacy. And the best thing is: We can start at any time. In the middle of a normal chaotic life. It just takes time, attention - and 15 proven love hacks.

Ela and Volker Buchwald know from experience how to achieve this. They offer practical ‘love hacks’ and lots of new ideas for bringing more love into sex.

Many couples find their relationship comes under strain when their sex life fizzles out – but they still want to stay together

New opportunities for tenderness and intimacy

Pragmatic, realistic tips based on lived experience

Printed in two colours with over 60 illustrations