Das Picobello-Mäuschen - Kleider machen Mäuse
 - Thea Dormeyer - Hardcover

Board book
Ages 2+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0627-5
Release Date: 27.11.2020

The Squeaky-Clean Mouse (Vol.3)

Clothes Make the Mouse
Illustrated By Angela Gstalter

Getting dressed is fun with the Squeaky-Clean Mouse!

The Squeaky-Clean Mouse wants to go out and play, but first she has to get dressed. No problem – she’s a very clever mouse and knows how to get dressed all by herself: ‘Knickers first, so grown-up, both legs in, then pull them up.’ A T-shirt, trousers, colourful socks and an arm in each sleeve: the mouse picks out a multicoloured outfit made up of her favourite clothes. Getting dressed is fun with the Squeaky-Clean Mouse! Book 3 in the new board picture book series.

Tackling ‘tricky’ everyday situations in a humorous way

The little Squeaky-Clean Mouse shows how she can get dressed all by herself, serving as a likeable role model

Funny verses to join in with and repeat; charming illustrations