- Monika Held - Hardcover

commercial upmarket fiction
223 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-8479-0626-1
Release Date: 24.04.2017


A moving novel about guilt, love, family and the randomness of Memory
“Go now and take a look at what you have done”
A boy on a bench, his hand resting on a bundle of clothes – a girl with eyes wide open lying at the bottom of a swimming pool: Where are these memories suddenly coming from?
Ragna, a forty-year-old scientist, fears that she is going insane. She has secluded herself in a place on the ocean, the place of her childhood, to analyze the results of her research. But after the first week, there are suddenly these images in her head that are not memories she can recall. Slowly, the landscape begins to change before her eyes. The beach chairs disappear and the sand and the bench on the boardwalk turn gray. Where, only seconds ago, there were people, is now a deserted swimming pool. In front of it is a bench and the boy with the bundle of clothes is sitting on it. He stares at the ocean. At the bottom of the swimming pool lays the girl with her eyes wide open. When she tries to delve into the images, they abruptly retreat and everything is as it used to be. What is her connection to the boy on the bench? The swimming pool has been gone for years. As a collector of biographies there is one thing she knows: Our memory is not a library. We cannot look around for memories as if they were misplaced books. Gradually, she puts the individual puzzle pieces together and starts searching for the boy on the bench.