- Kathryn Taylor - Taschenbuch

Bastei Lübbe
Women's fiction
Pocket Book
399 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-17536-9
Release Date: 28.06.2017


An unforgettable summer in Cornwall
It is by mere coincidence that Zoe Bevan and Rose Riley, two former childhood friends, who used to spend their summer vacations together and are now in their mid-thirties, get back in touch – and realize that life has taken them on very different paths during the past sixteen years. Zoe is a successful businesswoman in London, single, and has no children, and Rose is a divorced mother of three who has never set foot out of her small village in Cornwall. As both women are going through a rough time and need some space to reevaluate their lives, they decide to take a three-week time out and switch homes, not knowing that this will change their lives forever.
For Zoe, the journey to rural Cornwall is not only a trip into the past, but it is also an escape from a difficult diagnosis. Even though she knows that her upcoming surgery is believed to save her life, she is fully aware of how dangerous the procedure will be. So before putting her fate into the hands of her doctors, she wants to relive the carefree summers of her childhood and adolescence. And she wants to finally solve the mystery surrounding the death of her brother, Chris, who, sixteen years earlier, plummeted from the cliffs in the middle of the night. What she didn’t expect, though, is a reunion with her childhood sweetheart, Jack: After living in Canada for several years, he returned to Penderak and is a single father to an utterly rebellious son. From the very first moment, Zoe feels a deep connection with this child and also, her old feelings for Jack are all coming back. But how is she supposed to make an emotional commitment to these two people, as she doesn’t know whether or not she will survive her surgery – and if so, in what condition?
Rose, on the other hand, simply enjoys the time out from her energy-sapping daily routine in Penderak without any ulterior motives. When she meets Simon, a smart lawyer, he leads her into a completely new world: the world of London’s high society. She spends carefree days with Simon and before long, she starts a romantic relationship with him, which is as passionate as it is non-committal. Or that is at least what Rose thinks. Simon soon has other plans; he falls head over heels in love with the mother of three. But can he convince Rose that he is not just a successful lawyer and a charming host but also has it in him to be an involved stepfather?