Der Mauersegler
 - Jasmin Schreiber - Hardcover

Upmarket fiction
240 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8479-0079-5
Release Date: 27.08.2021

The Swift

The story of a great friendship, an unexpected death and the search for forgiveness

Prometheus and Jakob have been best friends their whole lives. They went to school together and have been inseparable ever since they were little. Prometheus comes from a working-class family and has worked his way up to become a doctor; he is currently in charge of a research group working on a new immunotherapy.

When Jakob is diagnosed with cancer, Prometheus knows he’s the only one who can save him. But Jakob dies, and Prometheus knows it’s his fault – his best friend’s death is his fault. After a while Prometheus had realised the therapy wasn’t working, but he kept putting off the decision to stop the treatment until it was too late. Everyone tries to comfort Prometheus: Jakob’s wife, his parents, Prometheus’s own parents, all draw closer together to support each other during this difficult time.

Except  that one of them knows it could all have been prevented if he’d made different decisions. Prometheus gets in his car – all he wants is to drive, far away, perhaps to the sea, and preferably into it, so he can sink beneath the waves and it will all be over. But eventually the car runs out of petrol and Prometheus, helpless and desperate, reaches the end of the road.

He spends the night at an isolated guesthouse run by an elderly Danish woman named Aslaug. Without meaning to, he opens up to Aslaug and tells her of his dark secret, his terrible guilt. But Aslaug too has had a troubled past. The unusual pair find new strength in each other. Both have to face their demons, and both have to find a way to get their lives back – even if the process of doing so is deeply painful.