Wir zwei im Winter
 - Michael Engler - Hardcover

picture book
32 pages
Ages 4+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0592-6
Release Date: 30.09.2019

The Two of Us in Winter

Illustrated By Joëlle Tourlonias

An enchanting winter story featuring Rabbit and Hedgehog

Winter is just around the corner when Rabbit and Hedgehog realise, to their dismay, that the entrance to their den is blocked. And not only that: some of the nuts are missing from Squirrel’s store. It soon becomes clear that two strangers are behind it – Weasel and Beaver have stolen the nuts! What rascals they are! But perhaps they didn’t mean any harm. Perhaps they can even help the other animals – precisely because they are so different?

Book 3 of the bestselling series

A wonderful winter story with a peaceful message

Because it’s nice to help friends!