- Trent Kennedy Johnson - eBook

mystery novel
eBook (epub)
159 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-7325-5303-7
Release Date: 08.01.2019

They know what you THINK

A Glimpse of Violence (Episode 1)

What is freedom worth? Your privacy? Would you let someone inside your head? 

Kathy "Think" Lipinski is a brilliant, yet disgraced psychotherapist who has changed careers to become a probation officer. The job is perfect for Think: a ground-breaking and highly controversial technology has made it possible to telepathically monitor the thoughts of convicts on probation. From now on, Think can listen to the thoughts of her "protégés" in her head. But every innovation comes at a price, and soon Think must ask herself whom she can trust - herself included...

Think's latest case is a petty criminal named Clay, who moves in with his sister after his release. But soon the girl is murdered - and Clay is on the run. Think can listen to his thoughts and knows he believes he is innocent. She must find him, as well as the real culprit. Or could Clay have committed a murder without thinking about it?