Treat Your Money Like Your Lover
 - Ivonne Senn - Taschenbuch

Lübbe Life
Self-help/ Guide book
Pocket Book
252 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-06003-0
Release Date: 27.11.2020


Take Care of Your Money and Become Rich in Every Relationship

Love yourself and you will get the money you deserve

Many people, despite their best intentions, have serious inhibitions about actively tackling their own financial planning. Too complex, too many questions, too annoying. These huge psychological barriers are understandable, but we can only address our finances properly when we know how to manage our own emotions. Because our relationship to our money reflects our relationship to ourselves, and forces us to ask the question: what am I worth?

Ivonne Senn is a qualified business administrator. Her approach is all about seeing a person’s financial situation as a mirror of their own thoughts and self-worth, and building on this to develop practical support. What if we treated our money the same way we treat our partner or our best friend, asks Senn? Our attitudes to love, relationships, work and life goals are reflected in our attitudes to money. Ivonne Senn has developed a theory of the ‘six pillars’: RELATE© – Respect, Empathy, Love, Attentiveness, Touch and Experiments. These are the basis for a deep, intimate and loving relationship between two people. And the same pillars are central to a good relationship with ourselves and with our money.

This approach helps readers to completely re-evaluate their relationship with money. Using real-life examples from her practice, accompanied by practical exercises, Senn frees readers from their ‘fear of money’ and encourages them to deal with their finances in an assertive, empowered way.

Only when we are in touch with our emotional lives can we really get our financial lives in order

Ivonne Senn explains how we can change our own attitudes in order to take control of our finances