Bloß nicht schütteln!
 - Ralf Butschkow - Hardcover

Board book
26 pages
Ages 2+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0740-1
Release Date: 30.09.2022

Whatever You Do, Do not Shake This Book! 

Watch out – or you might just find yourself shaking with laughter!

What a motley crew! So many different animals, and each of them is a different colour. The piglet is pink, the frog is green, the squirrel is red... Yes, that all seems about right. But what if we shake them up a bit? Of course we shouldn’t – but shall we try it anyway? Uh oh! Now the animals are all jumbled up. What strange feet the squirrel has, and since when did frogs have tails? The animals need your help – can you put them all back together again? Tap all the red body parts and shake again. But carefully this time...

The sequel to the surprise success “Whatever You Do, Do Not Open This Book!”

An inventive interactive book for learning colours and laughing yourself silly!

Shake the book to create funny and fantastical creatures with jumbled-up bodies