Wo ist das Klopapier?
 - Susan Batori - Hardcover

picture book
32 pages
ab 3 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0673-2
Release Date: 27.08.2021

Where’s the Toilet Paper?

Terrific toilet paper fun!

Bear needs the toilet. So he tucks the roll of toilet paper under his arm and off he trots. But what he doesn’t realise as he makes his way to the outhouse is that the roll of toilet paper is slowly unravelling, and all the forest animals are pinching the precious sheets!

The baby rabbits are wrapping themselves up in it like mummies, the fox is jotting down his clever thoughts on it, and the ants are making parachutes out of it... Oops, where’s all the toilet paper? Bear wonders when he finally gets to the outhouse, looking in bewilderment at the empty toilet roll.

There are so many things you can do with toilet paper!

Kids will be delighted with this poor unsuspecting little bear