Wer liebt mich und wenn nicht, warum?
 - Mara Andeck - Taschenbuch

Juvenile fiction
Pocket Book
252 pages
Ages 12+
ISBN: 978-3-8432-1095-9
Release Date: 14.10.2016

Who Loves Me, and if Not, Why? 

He loves me, he loves me not...

»Yep. I’ll be going into the wilderness. Once there, I’ll be fighting the forces of nature and developing the instincts of a wild animal. I’ll be wild and dangerous myself while looking gorgeous, at all times. And he will be there, too! Tarzan and Jane are so yesterday. Say hello to Lilia and Tom. Yeah!«
Since her fiasco with Jacob, there is one thing that Lilia knows for a fact: her childhood sweetheart, Tom, is her Mr. Right! But Lilia scared him away with her courtship behavior. However, if she gave up that easily, Lilia would not be Lilia. She decides to win Tom back and refrain from acting on scientific knowledge in the future. As of now, she wants to only follow her heart. When Tom applies for an internship in the wild, Lilia goes with him. But there is more nature than she bargained for. And there is Vicky, Lilia’s old nemesis, who develops the traits of a predator animal in the wild…
Will there be a happy end for Lilia and Tom? The sequel to our success story “Whom do I kiss, and if so, how many?”
A desert-island with a cell phone ban and wild-living aurochs – a new and original setting for Lilia and her love chaos