Wildes Paradies
 - Claudia Praxmayer - Hardcover

Lübbe Life
224 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-431-07025-5
Release Date: 26.03.2021


Letting Nature Run Free and Reaping Rich Rewards

Gardening stories – accomplishments and failures

Claudia Praxmayer and her husband bought an old farm in Germany’s Chiemgau region. The idea was to create habitats where endangered species could find refuge on the huge property. Praxmayer, a biologist, built deadwood hedges and terraced beds, let wildflower meadows grow and ponds fill up – and life sprouted everywhere! Hedgehogs, birds, and bats moved in; wild bees and other insects found plenty of food, and even peaceful coexistence in the vegetable patch became possible (with small compromises).

Wild Paradise presents many small opportunities to contribute to species protection, and it invites people to become more mindful by observing nature closely. Careful inspection of what can supposedly be taken for granted brings new facets of the world to light – as expressed in the author's motto: you can only recognize what is special if you are familiar with the ordinary.

This book shows how humans and nature hand in hand can achieve the happiest of gardens.

Deals with trending topics such as nature conservation and the preservation of species, self-sufficiency, developing mindfulness, and creating oases of happiness

A treasure trove of knowledge on ecological gardening that encourages readers to get involved